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Sessions held in elite Toronto BDSM play spaces.

Experience an impressive modern professional play space near the airport.
Or visit an unparalleled medieval dungeon downtown Toronto.

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Location 1: Near Black Creek & 401


  • Impressive modern 1000 sf professional play space with tall ceilings and exposed wood beams
  • BDSM furniture and equipment: Fully stocked space with Andrew’s cross, cage, spanking table/horse, and much more
  • Rooms: Modern dungeon, medical examination room, lounge
  • Shower facilities
  • Minutes from the airport and close to downtown Toronto
  • Free neighbourhood parking

Location 2: Downtown (Near Castlefrank Stn)


  • Unparalleled medieval dungeon with fully themed fantasy rooms
  • BDSM furniture and equipment: A dungeon chamber with all things bondage (a bondage lover’s dream), spanking horse, swing bed, suspension bars, stocks, Andrew’s cross
  • Rooms: dungeon chamber, medical examination room, classroom, sissy salon, Victorian boudoir
  • Shower facilities
  • Near Castlefrank subway station (east end of downtown Toronto)
  • Free neighbourhood parking and Green P street parking
  • NOTE: The availability of the spaces will determine the location. See booking procedures here.

  • Other BDSM professional practitioners in Toronto also use these play spaces. However, the booked space for our session will be for our exclusive use only. Accordingly, privacy and confidentiality will always be maintained.

Miss Ava Azami -BDSM in Toronto at downtown location

BDSM in Toronto. Photo from a session at the dungeon downtown Toronto.

Play Space? BDSM Dungeon?
What’s in a Name Anyway?

You can call these spaces a play space, a BDSM dungeon, a studio, or even your second or third home. But it is essentially a place that allows people to explore their kinky desires. Done safely, sanely, consensually, and in the presence of the like-minded. By definition, a BDSM dungeon or play space is a place that contains BDSM furniture, equipment, and toys. It is designed for the purpose of facilitating BDSM and kink fantasies and activities. I think of it as an adult playground. It’s a kinky get-away where you are transported into another world. It feels real because it is structurally real.

Accordingly, a professional BDSM space plays an important part to creating the right mindset and the right fantasy. With the help of movies like 50 Shades of Grey that has raised awareness and curiosity in this realm of adult play, BDSM in Toronto is alive and well. Whether you are novice or experienced, as a BDSM professional, I can help you begin or continue your journey of kinky exploration. Safely, sanely, consensually, and with enthusiasm.

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