My Foray into Professional BDSM/Kink

Naturally, to those that encounter me as a dominatrix, I am often asked how I became professionally involved in BDSM/kink. Here’s a bit of a background of my foray into this domain of work. In recent years, I was in a long term relationship that came to an end. It had endured 13 years. But with all things in life, change is sometimes inevitable and new beginnings must emerge. For many who have been in a similar situation, there is a natural tendency to want to explore again. I was no different.

For me as an avid learner, I decided to delve into the world of sensual and kinky educational workshops. From there, I began to segue even deeper into this realm. Eventually, finding myself here today as a Toronto dominatrix, primarily focusing on BDSM/kink/fetish sessions. Some of my specialties include Japanese rope bondage, sensual domination, feminization/sissification, and kink photography.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. Sensuality and sexuality are beautiful. And a kinky orientation adds fun and spice to your life. Therefore, don’t deny it. Embrace it. For me, it’s an outlet for play and pleasure. For others, it may be a form of exploration. While for some, self-affirming or self-healing. Whatever the case, it is also inevitably a process of discovery, learning, and growth. At the very least, you make a connection, you open up your world.

Accordingly, my mission is to help awaken an individual’s sensual and kinky consciousness and to facilitate the depths and delights of exploring such a lifestyle.

Looking forward to the experience with you.

your Toronto Dominatrix and Asian Seductress,
Miss Ava Azami, Hons. BA, MA

Note: Safety and consent are always a top priority and non-negotiable. Whether in professional or personal forms of play between adult partners, I always practice R.A.C.K – risk-aware consensual kink.

Every session is discussed in advance, including any potential risks, and mutually consented to. Safe words are given prior to the start of the session and personal limits are always respected.