Toronto Dominatrix Miss Ava Azami’s Expertise and Training

Toronto Dominatrix & Asian Seductress Miss Ava Azami (holding bondage rope)Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari or Kinbaku) Training

Among some of my main areas of interest, one of my specialties is rope bondage. Specifically, I have extensive training in Japanese rope bondage (Shibari or Kinabku). I have studied with a number of rope masters from Japan, Europe, and North America.

Last year, I made a pilgrimage to Japan to pay respect to and personally observe the origins of this art form. While there, I learned from one of Japan’s best and highly distinguished rope artist whose work has had a profound affect on the international rope community, in terms of safety, aesthetics, and best practices.

Many have asked how my interest in Japanese rope bondage began. Initially, I only had a simple interest in learning how to tie some basic knots. Nothing more than that. Somehow that interest evolved into a full blown holistic art form. That’s my journey into rope bondage.

Japanese Rope Bondage Public Performances

Over the last few years, I have performed publicly across North America creating both full suspension and floor work rope bondage. In the process, I have also made a connection to an international rope community whose passion, skills, and creativity inspire.

Florentine Flogging and Impact Play

My odyssey into impact play had humble beginnings. First, using my bare hands to spank some bottoms (which I very much enjoy to this day). Then later learning to use a cane that my client brought which I would use on them. Over time, I became exposed to all the different and wonderful implements of impact play. At some point, I became interested in Florentine flogging. After all, why flog with one flogger when you can have two and double the fun?

Why I love impact play? It can be used sensually, but it also can be adapted for more high impact corporal scenes. Not sure if you would like it? Try it with me. I think you’ll love it.

Prostate Pleasure & Health

I have had formal hands-on training in prostate pleasure and health. I have studied with Charlie Glickman (PhD) – author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. One of men’s erogenous zones is the P-spot, and if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing! I am available for consulting for individuals or for couples.

Note that I am not a medical professional. If you have any medical concerns or problems, contact your health care provider.

Kink Photography

I developed an interest in photography early on in life but did not pursue it more seriously until the last few years. Influenced by the plethora of rope bondage photography that surrounded me, I wanted to capture my own rope work artistry through a lens of my own. From there, this particular lifelong interest ignited.

For those who appreciate the art behind BDSM or kink (also called the dark arts) and wish to capture their experiences vividly, I offer professional kink photography services to fulfill such desires.

I have also had the pleasure of doing professional photoshoots for some of Toronto’s Mistresses Pro Dommes, including Goddess Violetta and Lady Azelle.

You can perv my Kink Photography Portfolio here.