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I am often asked how I became involved in this field of work. In recent years, I had been out of a relationship for some time, one that had endured for 13 years. But with all things in life, some must end and new beginnings must emerge. While being out of the dating scene for this period of time, I felt I had forgotten certain aspects of intimacy. From there, I delved into the world of sensual workshops and began exploring my own sexuality and segueing deeper into this realm, eventually finding myself here today primarily focusing on BDSM/kink sessions.

My philosophy is simple. Sensuality and sexuality are beautiful. Don’t deny it. Embrace it. For me, it’s an outlet for play and pleasure. For others, it may be a form of exploration while for some, self-affirming or self-healing. Whatever the case, it is also inevitably a process of discovery, learning, and growth. Accordingly, my mission is to help awaken an individual’s sensual consciousness and spirituality, and to educate so that one can take this experience and share it with others. 

Looking forward to the experience with you.

Ava, Hons. BA, MA (in progress)


Among some of my main areas of interest, one of my specialties is rope bondage. Specifically, I have extensive training in Shibari (Japanese rope bondage), having studied with a number of rope masters from Japan, Europe, and North America, including making a pilgrimage to Japan earlier this year to learn from one of Japan’s best and highly distinguished rope artist whose work has had a profound affect on the international rope community, in terms of safety, aesthetics, and best practices. I have performed publicly across North America creating both full suspension and floor work bondage.

I have also studied under Charlie Glickman (PhD) – author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. To this day, I continue to see him for ongoing training. Lastly, I travel extensively to learn about kink and rope bondage. For me, learning should never stop. Continuous education is key to keeping abreast of new trends and safety practices, positively pushing my own boundaries of play, and expanding my repertoire of skills and experiences.


I am often asked, what turns me on. Answering this provides an understanding to my approach to sessions. I am turned on by many things but, in general, when we share common ground. I have a wide range of interests, spanning from sensual forms of play to humiliation to domination and submission (D/s). Our connection will be fuelled by our common interests and goals – whether your objective is to serve me, submit to me, experience unexplored kinky interests, or simply satisfy a curiosity.

When sessioning, I practice R.A.C.K – Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Safe words apply and limits are respected.

More about me? I’m Asian, petite, and well educated. Address me as Miss Ava. I have a twinkly personality, a sweet smile, and an even better laugh. Like me? Join me – at Miss Ava Azami’s.


My goal is to help you discover different points of sensation and varying levels of (intense) pleasure. My session mixes sensual massage with some kink – restraints, the use of implements, and some feminine dominance – edging you to a heightened state of euphoria.

My interests are wide ranging. My favorite types of sessions include domination and submission, humiliation, feminization, obedience training and servitude, and sensual tease and denial. Specific activities I enjoy include strap on, foot worship, impact play and, of course, rope bondage.

Be my blank canvas and let me photograph you with your camera or mine. I offer professional photography services and have a particular interest in photographing rope bondage. Bring your own (phone) camera, I can take as many complimentary photos of you your heart desires.

No escorting services.


Quick Exploration: $280/1 hr

Delve Deeper: $380/1.5 hrs

Unrushed and Just Right: $480/2 hrs

Now Mine and Need More: $240/hr after 2+ hrs

Dinner Date Play Night: $940/4 hrs (dinner date and session)

Longer sessions also available for the playful, insatiable, and hardcore that can’t get enough.


Sessions held in the city’s premiere play spaces rivalling the best internationally

Old world or modern setting with fully themed fantasy rooms:
dungeon, medical clinic, and boudoir.

Located near the airport and downtown. The location is determined by the session type and the availability at the time the booking is confirmed.

 Experience it today.

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(1) Name
(2) Valid Cell Number
(internet numbers not accepted)
(3) Session Interests
(4) Session Date/Time
(5) Session Length

Send email to: bookme@missava.ca

Same day. A response will be sent only to booking requests with complete booking information (including a valid cell number).

Same day appointments are possible. They must be booked and confirmed at least 3 hours prior to the appointment time (provided that I am available that day).

Kink Photography Portfolio

Exploring and doing kink is an experience and for some a lifestyle, but it can also transform into art that can be appreciated and reminisced through photography. 

I offer professional photography services for those who wish to capture their experiences and remember it forever.

All photos in this portfolio are my creations (rope work, styling, photography). Enjoy.

Click on each thumbnail to see full size.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Erotic Happiness.”

– The U.S. Declaration of Independence (tweaked) – Carl Frankel