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A Bit About Me

Toronto Dominatrix & Asian Seductress Miss Ava Azami (leather bra and skirt with pearl necklace)

Who Am I?

I am a Toronto dominatrix and an Asian seductress that loves to tease and deny in the art of BDSM and kink.

A petite Asian seductress with a dominant personality, bright mischievous eyes, and an evilicious laugh that continues to linger in your thoughts long after O/our time is over.

Part benevolent. Part evil (but always for the benefit of your own good).

My Foray into Professional BDSM/Kink

Naturally, to those that encounter me as a dominatrix, I am often asked how I became professionally involved in BDSM/kink. Here’s a bit of a background of my foray into this domain of work. In recent years, I was in a long term relationship that came to an end. It had endured 13 years. But with all things in life, change is sometimes inevitable and new beginnings must emerge. For many who have been in a similar situation, there is a natural tendency to want to explore again. I was no different.

For me as an avid learner, I decided to delve into the world of sensual and kinky educational workshops. From there, I began to segue even deeper into this realm. Eventually, finding myself here today as a Toronto dominatrix, primarily focusing on BDSM/kink/fetish sessions. Some of my specialties include Japanese rope bondage, sensual domination, feminization/sissification, and kink photography.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. Sensuality and sexuality are beautiful. And a kinky orientation adds fun and spice to your life. Therefore, don’t deny it. Embrace it. For me, it’s an outlet for play and pleasure. For others, it may be a form of exploration. While for some, self-affirming or self-healing. Whatever the case, it is also inevitably a process of discovery, learning, and growth. At the very least, you make a connection, you open up your world.

Accordingly, my mission is to help awaken an individual’s sensual and kinky consciousness and to facilitate the depths and delights of exploring such a lifestyle.

Looking forward to the experience with you.

your Toronto Dominatrix and Asian Seductress,
Miss Ava Azami, Hons. BA, MA (in progress)



Toronto Dominatrix Miss Ava Azami’s Expertise and Training

Toronto Dominatrix & Asian Seductress Miss Ava Azami (holding bondage rope)Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari or Kinbaku) Training

Among some of my main areas of interest, one of my specialties is rope bondage. Specifically, I have extensive training in Japanese rope bondage (Shibari or Kinabku). I have studied with a number of rope masters from Japan, Europe, and North America.

Last year, I made a pilgrimage to Japan to pay respect to and personally observe the origins of this art form. While there, I learned from one of Japan’s best and highly distinguished rope artist whose work has had a profound affect on the international rope community, in terms of safety, aesthetics, and best practices.

Many have asked how my interest in Japanese rope bondage began. Initially, I only had a simple interest in learning how to tie some basic knots. Nothing more than that. Somehow that interest evolved into a full blown holistic art form. That’s how I became involved. That’s my journey into rope bondage.

Japanese Rope Bondage Public Performances

Over the last few years, I have performed publicly across North America creating both full suspension and floor work rope bondage. In the process, I have also made a connection to an international rope community whose passion, skills, and creativity inspire.

Kink Photography 

I developed an interest in photography early on in life but did not pursue it more seriously until the last few years. Influenced by the plethora of rope bondage photography that surrounded me,  I wanted to capture my own rope work artistry through a lens of my own. From there, this particular lifelong interest ignited.

For those who appreciate the art behind BDSM or kink (also called the dark arts) and wish to capture their experiences vividly, I offer professional kink photography services to fulfill such desires.

I have also had the pleasure of doing professional photoshoots for some of Toronto’s Mistresses Pro Dommes, including Goddess Violetta and Lady Azelle.

You can perv my Kink Photography Portfolio here.

Other Training

I have studied with Charlie Glickman (PhD) – author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. I also travel extensively to learn about kink and rope bondage. For me, continuous education is key to pushing My own boundaries of play and expanding My repertoire of skills and experiences.



We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney

Choosing a type of session with a Mistress Pro Domme is exciting. The beauty of BDSM/kink is its great breadth and depth. It offers a wide spectrum of activities from beginner to advanced levels. Indeed, it can be a lifetime’s worth of exploration and it’s all about the journey. 

Experienced Toronto Mistress Pro Domme – you’re in Good Hands (Pun Intended)

As an experienced Pro domme, one session with Me and I think you’ll be hooked or perpetually curious. Take the plunge and let your strongest desires be your guide.

Go on, perv My session types below. your Toronto Dominatrix and Asian Seductress Miss Ava Azami has thoughtfully and deliciously crafted a wide variety of sessions. Suitable for novice to the very experienced.

My goal is to help you discover different points of sensation and varying levels of (intense) pleasure through sensation play and breathwork. My session mixes massage with some kink – restraints, the use of implements, and some feminine dominance – edging you to a heightened state of euphoria.

My interests are wide ranging. My favorite types of sessions include domination and submission, humiliation, feminization, obedience training and servitude. Some specific activities I enjoy foot worship, impact play and, rope bondage.

READ MORE: Kink and Fetish Interests

Be my blank canvas and let me photograph you with your camera or mine. I offer professional photography services and have a particular interest in photographing rope bondage and sissy femmes. Bring your own (phone) camera, I can take as many complimentary photos of you your heart desires.

No escorting services.

The Play Spaces


The Play Spaces of Elite Toronto Mistresses and Pro Dommes.

See the Play Spaces Where your Fantasies Come True.

Take me there, Mistress!

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Erotic Happiness.”

– The U.S. Declaration of Independence (tweaked) – Carl Frankel